Dickinson: talking about responsible surrealism


Dickinson, a series starring Hailee Steinfeld, has returned to the screens of streaming Apple TV + with new episodes in its 2nd season. Along with the premiere, some interviews were also released by Alena Smith, Dickinson’s showrunner, who spoke a little about how the new moment in the historical series is an evolution of the first season in which the team played even more with the limits between the real and the protagonist’s imaginary.

Much of Emily Dickinson’s life has been lost over time and her life story needs to be connected from the letters that survived, as well as the poems that have not been erased. Many assumptions are made throughout history and Dickinson’s Season 2 experiences just that, using a variety of surrealist techniques to make the audience understand that nothing is certain when it comes to Emily Dickinson.

More details of season 2 of Dickinson

Just like in the first season, in this new moment in the series we have a junction between the comic and melancholy side of fame from the perspective of Emily, an artist, who sees everything in a very unique way – that’s why the play with surrealism throughout the episodes.

The second season is a lot about stopping the boundaries: past and present begin to mix, just as poetry and reality coexist in a peaceful way, with discussions on sexuality and identity as background.

New episodes of Dickinson’s 2nd season open every Friday on Apple TV +, starring Hailee Steinfeld in the role of artist Emily Dickinson.


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