DICE Announces Star Wars: Battlefront II Will Not Get Updates


DICE announced today that the new update to Battlefront II will be the last update. In the statement, it was stated that the new target of the studio was the next Battlefield game.

DICE, which changed the balances in the FPS world with its Battlefield series, and presented the Star Wars universe to the players with the Star Wars Battlefront series; After a sad statement 3 days ago, we came across with another sad statement today. The company posted an important announcement on the blog page of the second game of the Star Wars Battlefront series, Battlefront II.

DICE announced three days ago that they will release just one more update for Battlefield V, and this time it was for Star Wars Battlefront II. According to the statement, ‘The Battle on Scarif’ update to the Star Wars Battlefront II will be the last update to the game.

‘The new goal is the next Battlefield game’
In the statement made by DICE, it was shared that the studio’s road map for Star Wars Battlefront II was completed. Although the studio says that there will be no updates coming to the game anymore, as in Battlefield V, the servers will not shut down as long as players enter the game in Battlefront II.

The reason for these posts, which brought us sad news about the two giant games that came in three days, was announced by DICE in the last share. According to the statement in the sharing, DICE started to focus on the new game that will join the Battlefield series in 2021.

With the announcement made today, players can think of “When will the next Battlefield game take place?” question was stuck. As you know, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, the favorite games of the Battlefield series, were passing in the period of World War I and World War II, the last two games, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V, respectively.

Although there is no explanation for the next Battlefield game at the moment, one that appeared in 2019 showed that the next game will pass in modern time. According to this information, players will have robots, drones and artificial intelligence in the next Battlefield game. Of course, it is still unknown how accurate this claim is, but we hope that we will regain a Battlefield game set in modern times.


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