Diana of Wales’ death from Anonymous’s perspective


Diana of Wales’ death from Anonymous’s perspective. On August 31, 1997 the whole world mourned the unexpected death of Diana of Wales , who died in a traffic accident in the city of Paris, while trying to escape from the paparazzi with her then partner Dodi Al-Fayed. The fact never ended up fitting in as there were many questions surrounding how everything actually happened.

Over time, some conspiracy theories pointed out that Queen Elizabeth had been behind the incident, but the alleged reason was never clear. Now with the return of Anonymous and his statements around this topic, everything seems to make sense.

The most famous group of hackers in the world revealed surprising information about the death of Lady Di , since according to these she was aware of the relationship of the British Royal House with a network of child molesters, specifically that led by Jeffrey Epstein. Diana would have collected a series of documents and even a video that proved that link and was willing to disclose it, but just before achieving her mission she would have been killed.


According to the message published by Anonymous, a British agent would have been in charge of the “accident” of the Princess of Hearts, he himself would have confessed that the mother of Harry and William had been the only woman who killed and that it was also the only order which he received directly from the crown, since the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip, would have asked the agent to eliminate Lady Di because he knew too much about a very delicate subject.

Diana of Wales was pronounced dead the morning of August 31, although as she was an indirect member of the Royal family, an autopsy could not be performed. The event was declared as a traffic accident and the official version claimed that Diana’s driver had previously taken and that due to speeding they would have collided in a tunnel in the city of Paris.

The Princess of Wales would have found out about the deals between the monarchy and the pederatras network during her marriage to Carlos, since according to the Queen Elizabeth’s son she was supporting a royal aide who had been accused of rapes on several occasions, but instead of denouncing him, the Prince covered that up. In time Diana would have collected more information and evidence as she wanted the truth to come out.


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