Diana Gabaldon Reveals What We Suspected About Outlander Fan Theory


Outlander is the most successful historical fantasy-romance drama on television today. The series recently wrapped up its sixth season on the Starz broadcast network after being absent from fans’ screens for two years. The show is scheduled to return in 2023 with the seventh installment being filmed in Scotland.

The series that follows Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), is the television adaptation of the literary work written by Diana Gabaldon. Currently, the author of the Outlander story is developing the tenth and last volume of the saga. Which means, fans will get the answers to what they have been wondering about ever since the drama started in no time.

Ever since Outlander debuted on Starz in 2014, fans of the series have spent season after season formulating some theories about the fate of some of the characters in the drama, especially Jamie Fraser. Apparently, Gabaldon has followed up on this series of hypotheses and recently collapsed the strongest one that viewers have shared on social networks.

As fans know, Outlander is about time travel. The story began with Claire moving from the 1840s to 18th century Scotland through the mysterious stone circle known as Craigh na Dun. There are also other stone circles in other places such as North Carolina and Jamaica, which serve as gateways to travel to another time.

With the passing of the seasons, Outlander has been revealing other key places from where you can travel in time, as well as various factors such as the change of seasons, different times of the year and even inherited characteristics, which have a direct impact on the characters. with these kinds of skills.

A theory that has been popularized by fans of the Starz series since the first season is that in addition to Claire, Brianna and Roger, another one who can also travel in time is the character of Sam Heughan in Outlander. According to them, the ghost of Jamie Fraser appeared in Scotland in the 1940s while he was looking at Claire through a window; which makes them believe that the mountain man has the ability to travel to the future.

However, Diana Gabaldon has just shattered this fan theory, when an Outlander fan recently wrote on Twitter and asked her to keep her creative processes going on her 10th Outlander book, and include Jamie being able to travel to the future with her family. and live your life in Lallybroch. The author simply replied that this will not happen.