The Diamond Casino Heist Quest Added to GTA Online


The Diamond Casino Heist Quest Added to GTA Online. GTA Online, which maintains the number of players in spite of the past days, has reached The Diamond Casino Heist today. With the new task, many equipment and vehicles were added to the game.

Published by Rockstar Games 6 years ago, Grand Theft Auto V is still played by a large community of players today. Of course, the biggest factor that provides this is thanks to GTA Online, which provides endless content to the game.

Continuing to gain new content, GTA Online has gained another content today. The announcement of The Diamond Casino Heist added to the game was shared by Rockstar Games with an introduction trailer. You can watch Rockstar’s trailer below:

Along with the one-minute trailer released, we can see new locations and new equipment added to the game as well as old characters. In addition, new music that you can listen to on GTA V’s iFruid Radio has been added to the game.

Together with The Diamond Casino Heist, you are talking to Lester at Mirror Park to start the robbery added to the game. You will then be asked to buy an apartment. The price of these apartments can range from 1 million 235 thousand dollars to 2 million 530 thousand dollars.

Offering free content to players, Twitch Prime gives its members one of these apartments for free. However, players who are not members of Twitch Prime must purchase the apartments with their own in-game money.

In addition to this mission and equipment, The Diamond Casino Heist brings new tools to GTA V. Five of these tools have been added to be used in the robbery. Among these tools, you can see ZHABA designed at the end of the trailer, designed to be used in the robbery.

Stay tuned to stay informed of new updates to GTA V. According to some reports, GTA VI will be announced later this week. Therefore, we will see together whether this rumor reflects the truth.

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