DiabloImmortal: how to get 5-star legendary gems in a free game


5-star Legendary Gems are the most powerful gems in Diablo Immortal, giving a significant amount of resonance and combat rating along with unique effects. Although it is possible to obtain these gems by sending legendary coats of arms to the Elder Rift, this option is actually not available to free players. However, there are several ways that free players can get 5-star legendary gems in Diablo Immortal, although both of them require a significant amount of time.

As a quick explanation: 5-star legendary gems are a classification of precious stones, and they don’t always have five stars. Indeed, in Diablo Immortal, you can find a 5-star legendary gem that has two stars, three stars, four stars or five stars, and their Resonance and Combat Rating increase along with the number of stars. However, the special effect provided by a 5-star legendary stone remains the same regardless of their stars, which means that they are quite strong in all respects.

Diablo Immortal: how to get 5-star legendary gems for free

The first way to get a 5-star legendary gem as a free player in Diablo Immortal is to try to create it. To do this, players must earn Fading Embers, a currency that is awarded for launching Elder Rifts. In particular, fans can earn 200 Fading Embers per week by completing Elder Rifts, and another 120 per week by completing Elder Rifts in a group with a player using the coat of arms.

Then this currency can be given to the seller of Fading Embers and Runes, which is located next to the Elder Rift in Diablo Immortal, in exchange for Fa Runes. Players who want to create a 5-star legendary gem will need 22 of these runes, each of which is worth 18 embers. It is noteworthy that in total it is 396 Fading Embers, which means that fans will need more than one week to earn the required amount.

With 22 Fa runes in hand, players can talk to a Jeweler-Apprentice in Westmark and choose “Create”. This will trigger several options, one of which is to create a random legendary gem. A random gem generated this way can be 1-star, 2-star, or 5-star, and ARPG fans who are lucky can click “Create” to start the process.

It should be noted that the probability of creating a 5-star legendary gem is extremely low, and players using this mechanic almost always get 1 or 2 stars. Thus, it is recommended that fans spend a few Fa runes to create 1-star and 2-star legendary gems just before they start playing large amounts on random gems. Indeed, much fewer runes are required to create lower-quality gems, and they can still provide a boost in strength in the early stages of the final game.

Trading platform

Another option for free players who are hunting for 5-star legendary gems is the Marketplace. Indeed, fans often put unnecessary jewelry up for sale, and platinum, the currency for which they are bought, can be obtained in Diablo Immortal without microtransactions. Here are two ways players can earn free platinum, although they should be aware that it will take quite a while to get enough to purchase a 5-star legendary gem:

Sell the created legendary gems on the trading platform. Get rewards for daily activity through the Code.

Diablo Immortal is available on mobile devices and PCs.