Diablo IV And Overwatch 2 Are Postponed Indefinitely


Diablo IV: Fans who were waiting for the arrival of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 were surprised with bad news this Tuesday (2). The two titles, which are some of Activision Blizzard’s most anticipated titles, have been postponed indefinitely by the company.

The news was confirmed during the release of the conglomerate’s financial report for the third quarter of 2021. Neither date was cited for both games, but the duo’s arrival in 2022 is now uncertain.

The reasons cited are diverse and one of them is the recent change of creative leadership in the franchises: Overwatch’s newest executive producer took over at the end of September this year. The developer also cites “giving a break” for the teams, even if this leads to a drop in revenue expectations for next year.

“We believe that giving teams extra time to complete production and continuing to develop the creative resources to support the titles after release will ensure that the arrival of the titles will delight and generate engagement in their communities for many years to come,” says the communicated.

In addition, the company says it prepares a lot of content for the coming year in other titles.

Remember the problems

The current crisis at Activision Blizzard began in July 2021, when the California Department of Labor and Housing Justice filed a lawsuit against the company for years of inappropriate workplace practices, including a culture of harassment and inappropriate behavior against female employees. , in addition to inequality in treatment and opportunities.

Initially, the company rejected and criticized the allegations, but soon began to collaborate with the investigations.

A month later, the company’s president, J. Allen Brack, left office — but that wasn’t the only exit from a leadership. Now in early November, the company co-leader who took over with Brack’s departure, Jen Oneal, has also announced her departure. The other person responsible for the previously shared management, Mike Ybarra, is the current and sole president.

At the same time, protests continued and the lawsuit is ongoing, including by other enforcement agencies in the United States.