Diablo Immortal: Wizard Class Guide (Skills, Builds and Strategies)


Of the six classes available in Diablo Immortal, the Wizard is one of the main characters that have existed since the beginning of the franchise. The Wizard uses magical skills and crowd control to attack from a safe distance, similar to the attacks of a Demon Hunter with a crossbow. However, unlike other ranged classes, the Wizard is not effective in melee combat, so when choosing a build, give preference to attacks with high damage and a large area of action (AoE).

The wizard class first appeared as a sorcerer in the original Diablo and has been a character class ever since. A wizard primarily focuses on casting spells and often has the lowest initial health among all character classes. All character classes in Diablo Immortal have a basic attack and four skills that can be unlocked periodically at levels 1 to 50. To make the best use of the benefits of the wizard class, focus on skills with high area damage.

Unlike other classes in Diablo Immortal, the Wizard’s successful build focused on ranged attacks with high damage, as the Wizard is notorious for having little health. Fortunately, Diablo Immortal is not shy about using health spheres to replenish life, so take advantage of these rewards. The Wizard has two potential main attacks: the Magic Arrow, available from the very beginning of the game, and Electrocution, blocked up to level 34. The best of the two is the Magic Arrow, which can be enhanced with 12—second cold damage later in the game. . The top four skills are harder to maneuver, as they require strategic use of recovery time supplemented by the main attack.

The Best Universal Wizard Build in Diablo Immortal

Burn (Level 1): Although it doesn’t have a wide AoE, it pushes off the player with a burning trail that deals damage for six seconds. The cooldown of this skill is 9 seconds, and it can drop enemies, similar to the Repulsive Shot of the demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal. Since a Wizard works best from a distance, it is extremely important to have a skill that deals damage that also knocks enemies back. Enchanted Wind (Level 1): Like Burn, Enchanted Wind is an early game skill, but has a wide triangular AoE that both deal damage. damage and drops enemies. The Enchanted Wind also has a 9-second cooldown, but its unique feature is the ability to charge the Wind to increase the range and drop distance. He also has a secondary buff that deals 50% more damage to burning enemies, so when combined with a Burn, these two skills create a powerful one-two punch. Teleport (Level 15): Crucial for any basic ranged build. character is the ability to run away. Teleport is the Wizard’s first line of defense if the enemies can overcome the repulsive skills of Burn and Wizard Wind. It has a long, 15-second cooldown, but the Wizard needs to use three charges to rush to safety. Teleportation has been one of the Wizard’s core skills since the days of the original Diablo. Meteor (Level 41): Meteor is a powerful, damaging skill with circular AoE. Once applied, the Meteor quickly falls from the sky, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in range. After the enemies are stunned, the player can use the Burn-Wizard Wind combo to quickly reduce the enemy’s HP.

The strategy of this basic universal build in Diablo Immortal is to deal damage with combined skill attacks such as “Burn” and “Enchanted Wind”, deal heavy damage with a “Meteor” attack, and escape with a “Teleport” when necessary. Then, with a reliable Magic Missile that will help during the recharge, the enemies will be crushed by the magic power of the Wizard.

When a player has all of the above skills, some legendary items can help increase the damage power. In some cases, the player needs to extract power from the legendary Diablo Immortal equipment in order to use it in other items.

Windshaper: The main slot for the hand that causes the Enchanted Wind to follow the target rather than stay in a straight line. The whirlwind of the Enchanted Wind will continue to cause damage along the way. Star Summoner Drape: An item from a chest cell that increases the Meteor’s radius by 20%. Cataclysm Shoulders: An item from a shoulder pad cell that increases Meteor damage by 10%. Resonant Wisdom of the Vine: A helmet slot item that deals thundercloud damage at the target location when using a Teleport. Break Dancer Step: An item from the foot slot that deals damage when the player uses a Teleport.

Other Important Wizard Skills in Diablo Immortal

While this Diablo Immortal build is a good universal setup for a Wizard, other skills are powerful and can be considered for players who need different types of attacks. The lightning ring, which opens at level 3, sends lightning in all directions from the player. This can be used instead of Scorch, since Scorch and Meteor are fire-based attacks. The only difference is that Lightning Nova has no recoil. The Siphon item, which is located in the left-hand slot, will provide a 60% increase in movement speed when using Lightning Nova.