Diablo Immortal Wants To ‘Mix Nostalgia With News’


With the launch of Diablo Immortal already confirmed for 2021, little by little we are discovering details about its new classes, areas and mechanics, and they seem to confirm more and more the good impressions left by its alpha technical test!

At Blizzard’s invitation, we had the pleasure of speaking directly to Julian Love, the game’s senior combat designer, and Justin Dye, its senior Narrative Designer, who kindly took us on a deeper dive into what to expect from the adventure. Check out how our conversation went!

It was really cool that you revealed that we will be able to play with the Cruzado class again. How different or familiar will it be compared to what we saw in the previous game?

Julian Love: “It will be very familiar in the sense that the Crusader themes are intact, especially the fact that the character is a survivor. After all, the Crusader is someone very good at just being able to continue in a fight, surviving and dealing with a lot of damage at the same time.

It is also focused on mid-range attacks, which is something we brought back, but this time with an even greater focus. This is somewhat more present in the Diablo Immortal Crusader than in Diablo III, where he was a kind of handyman. So what players can expect from the Diablo Immortal Crusader is a class more focused on fantasy than the class really should be. ”

Justin Dye: “I think there are two aspects to that question. Because in addition to what Julian said, in Diablo Immortal we felt we had the opportunity to expand things. Because in Diablo III we introduced Cruzado for the first time, and there he worked a little like Paladin, but with a different history, background and skills.


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