Diablo Immortal Reveals New Class, Areas and Multiplayer Improvements


Diablo Immortal: After a successful technical alpha, the free to play game Diablo Immortal advanced to its Closed Alpha on Android and iOS devices, which served as a hook for Blizzard to announce a series of new features for what promises to be one of the mobile games neatest ever made!

At the invitation of the producer, we attended an exclusive presentation and talked to Wyatt Cheng, the game’s director, and Scott Schicoff, its main Game designer. They explained what to expect from this test, which increased the maximum level of the characters to 55 and allowed us to get a taste of the content of the endgame, in addition to exploring new, more advanced areas!

New systems and class

After deepening its mechanics in the last BlizzConline, the main attractions of this new test stage were the presentation of a new class, new areas, new dungeon and the Conflict Cycle. With the unprecedented inheritance and essence transfer system, players are now able to take the essence of legendary items and then get others to inherit their powers, which helps a lot to customize their build.

Another resource presented with great prominence was the Infernicário, where we can face and imprison very difficult bosses! Your infernal can always be improved with the blacksmith Charsi, who will use the Slag to refine it as Hellfire Slag. “The way this works is that around your level 40 you gain access to the Infernicário, which will stay with you, grow and progress as you complete the activities”, explained Scott.

“Slag is a resource that you need to improve your Infernicário, and each time you level it up, it gets a little stronger. At certain intervals a slot opens in the Infernicário, and this is where you will need to defeat the bosses, since they are the ones who drop the Demonic Remains.

When you place them in Hell you will have additional buffs, but you don’t have to worry about doing so within a pre-determined time level, just making enough progress to have new slots. Each boss will be released monthly, but they don’t disappear, so they don’t have to worry. ”

For those who wanted even more classes to play, Cruzado arrives directly from Diablo III to spice up Immortal’s clashes! As expected, this is a medium range class, hybrid between melee blows and medium distance spells and able to withstand a lot of damage thanks to its strong armor.

New areas coming

For those who enjoy exploring dungeons, the Frozen Tundra hides a new challenge in the form of the Echo Cave. There, a relic called Frostburn needs to be collected, at the cost of slaughtering dozens of enemies on its way, of course.

The new environments, on the other hand, impress by their diversity and beautiful choices in artistic direction. One area is Mount Zavain, which is situated in the deepest corners of the Tamoe Mountains and has been infested by goats, or Khazra. The Frozen Tundra, as its name implies, is a snow-filled wilderness surrounding Mount Arreat. There, your enemies will be the remaining servants of Baal, the Lord of Destruction.

If we already have news about playable areas, the same cannot be said about support for joysticks. “Although we did not support it during our first technical alpha, this was certainly one of the resources most requested by the players,” pondered Wyatt. “So when we say that we are evaluating this, it is because it is something that is actively in our investigations.”

“Adding that to Diablo Immortal is incredibly challenging, so while we love the idea and are trying to make it a reality, it is still something that, at the moment, we cannot commit to guaranteeing with certainty that it will be in the final game. But it is something we are actively working on right now! ”

What’s new in multiplayer

Blizzard has also given more details on how Diablo Immortal player-to-player modes will work. In the Cycle of Conflict, we are all called Adventurers, and the idea is that we can receive more fame and wealth for our services provided by ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of the Sanctuary.

Those who manage to reach the top of the Conflict Cycle are known as the Immortals, a select elite group. The Shadows, who gather and groups called Dark Houses, are watching over them to ensure that they are always defending the Sanctuary of the Blazing Hell. If a Dark House becomes too strong, it may even aim for the position of Immortal and replace the former warrior.

Both the Immortals and the Shadows and Adventurers compete together on the Battlefield, which is an eight-against-eight PvP arena, which is then divided into defense and attack teams. Whoever is on the offensive needs to eliminate the Guardians and escort Fervent Idols, the only way to destroy the team’s Ancestral Heart in defense. Defenders, on the other hand, need to resist until the end of time or make enough kills.

Although the game continues without a scheduled release date, Blizzard has brought good news with regard to its minimum requirements, as the technical alpha was quite demanding. “In the previous phase, we placed a relatively high entrance floor, which was done just to ensure that the game was running well enough,” explained Wyatt.

“It is part of our aspirations to increase the number of compatible devices. In this closed alpha we were able to add another old generation of Android devices, and we hope to continue expanding the demographics and support for older machines, but as our goal is to make a triple A game with a spectacular look, there are limits to how far we can go back on compatible hardware. ”

For all we have seen so far, Diablo Immortal really seems to be on its way to becoming one of the most impressive mobile games ever made. But what about you, what did you think of all these news? Looking forward to the game’s release? Comment below!


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