Diablo Immortal Reportedly Earns Over $1 Million a Day


With all its problems, Diablo Immortal may well be one of the biggest disappointments in the video game industry this year. It was supposed to be Blizzard’s breakthrough game for mobile devices, but instead it has become a huge disappointment for many fans of the franchise, many of whom criticize the predatory monetization scheme. However, despite all this, Diablo Immortal apparently still makes a lot of money every day.

Released on June 2, Diablo Immortal is the first game in the Diablo series specifically developed for the mobile platform in collaboration with NetEase. Being a mobile game, it is also the first Diablo game to use the free-to-play model. Unfortunately, this also leads to the fact that Diablo Immortal has a very obvious pay-to-win model, where the progress of free players is significantly hindered unless they decide to pay for some in-game purchases.

In addition to the criticism, it is now reported that Diablo Immortal earns more than $1 million a day. The report was first received from MobileGamer.biz with a link to the AppMagic data. According to the report, revenue from Diablo Immortal peaked ten days after launch, when Blizzard earned $2.4 million. Now, more than a month after its release and with the constant negative public sentiment that rises from time to time, Diablo Immortal is surprisingly still able to receive a little less than half of what he earned daily for the first two weeks.

It is worth noting that Blizzard has never published any data on the income from Diablo Immortal, especially considering that the game was released recently, so fans can take this statement with a grain of salt. However, some interested parties have analyzed the monetization scheme of the game and have come to the conclusion that Diablo Immortal microtransactions are predatory, which means that the game has a great potential for huge profits.

Anyway, it seems likely that many fans are increasingly concerned about the statement that Blizzard is still making a lot of money on Diablo Immortal after all the checks. Many would find it hard to believe that Diablo Immortal could become such an effective money-making machine, despite the fact that it is the worst game on Metacritic in terms of user ratings. We can only hope that this will not affect anything that the Diablo 4 team has in mind, and will not force the game to leave the same dark path.

Diablo Immortal is already available on Android, iOS and PC.