Diablo Immortal: Launch Confirmed for 2021

Diablo Immortal: After failing to make such a positive impression when it was originally announced during Blizzcon 2018, the mobile game Diablo Immortal seems to have won over fans of the franchise when its first gameplay images were released last year during an alpha test with very few selected players .

Fortunately, anyone who thought that the free-to-play game has a good potential will be able to enjoy it for themselves soon. We say this because Actvision Blizzard confirmed in its most recent financial results report that this will be one of the two titles in the franchise to be launched this year, with a third being planned for a later date.

In the same report, the company also mentioned that the launch will be global, which does not always end up being the case for certain mobile games. Unfortunately, there is still no concrete date for the arrival of Diablo Immortal on Android and iOS devices, but it is quite possible that Blizzard will release these details to the press soon.

If you are curious about the other two games in the series that the company cited in the report, they are Diablo 2: Resurrected (a remastering of the original) and the unprecedented and highly anticipated Diablo 4. As you can imagine, the remastered title will be the another title that will hit stores this year, but we can’t imagine when we’ll see more about Diablo 4.

Anyway, they are good news for fans of the series, not least because they will be able to enjoy the franchise in totally different ways and with very different titles in the coming years. And you, already excited about the possibility of experiencing the world of Diablo on your smartphone or still think that Blizzard should focus only on the main games



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