Diablo Immortal: how to get the reforging stones and how to use them


It is quite difficult to compete with millionaires playing Diablo Immortal. Extremely talented gamers can do this, but they often play with their hand tied behind their back. Their armor and weapons are not forged, and this is a very important step towards closing the gap.

The problem is that the players are not focused on this system at all. Diablo Immortal is counting on community leadership and word of mouth informing the fandom about the existence of such a system. For players who want to gain an advantage in the competition, this is an easy way to get it.

Obtaining Reforging stones

Free Game: Hilts Trader Paid: Forging materials

Have you ever found this perfect weapon for a barbarian and thought about how to make it part of the build forever? Reforging is how it is done. There are two places where you can buy reforging stones, one of which is at the Hilts merchant and will cost players Hilts.

Another place belongs to a seller of forging materials who takes Eternal Orbs, a paid currency. Randomness cannot be completely ruled out, but these stones will provide gamers with a more specific set of bonuses to choose from (as well as the opportunity to choose a specific family).

Get a piece of equipment up to the sixth level. Blacksmith > Reforge > Reforging Stone

These reforging stones will only be applicable after receiving an item of equipment up to the sixth level. This can be done by a blacksmith with any equipment, even with a fine cloth armor for a Wizard. As soon as he reaches the sixth level, a random bonus will be applied.

To change this bonus, also done at the blacksmith, click “Reforge”. General Reforge Stones will select a random attribute for any family. Stones purchased specifically from a blacksmithing materials seller will allow players to get a random throw from a certain set or family of bonuses.

Diablo Immortal is already available for mobile devices and PCs.