Diablo Immortal: how to farm the applicant’s keys


The actions of Diablo Immortal take place immediately after the events of Diablo 2. Diablo Immortal players take on the role of a new generation of heroes who are tasked with protecting Sanctuary from the remnants of evil after defeating the Original Evil. Fortunately, the Horadric Order foresaw such a case and through the Horadric Vessels offered the defenders of Sanctuary a guide to the destruction of evil from the Nine Hells. Diablo Immortal players activate the Vessel as soon as they place it in the Heritage Shrine inside the Iben Fahd Shrine.

Vessels are one of many items that strengthen characters and can give bonuses with regular updates. This requires Culling Stones, special materials for improvement, which can be found exclusively in chests inside the Sanctuary. To open these chests, the challenger’s Keys are required, which can be found in various areas of the Diablo game.

About choradric vessels and rejection stones

In terms of knowledge, Horadrim Vessels are objects that contain the Essence or souls of some of the most powerful Horadrim scientists. These Vessels allow choradric scientists to share their knowledge with those they consider worthy. From a gameplay perspective, Horadric Vessels serve as free performance boosters that players can access without necessarily paying real money. Similar to other endgame development systems in Diablo Immortal, Horadric Vessels can be improved if players provide them with enough materials to be suitable for both normal and broken Diablo Immortal builds.

These materials are supplied in the form of rejection stones, items used exclusively to improve choradric vessels. However, to gain access to the Cull Stones, players first need to open special Chests in the Iben Fahd Shrine. The only way they can open these Chests is with the Challenger’s Keys.

Getting the applicant’s keys

If players are afraid that Diablo Immortal will make promotion in the free game extremely difficult in the context of Aspirant’s Keys, they don’t have much to worry about. The game offers many ways to get an item during a game session. Depending on the player’s plans, he can get quite a lot of the Applicant’s Keys in a day. Here are some of the most popular ways to get challenger keys in Diablo Immortal.

Track “The first murder of the day”

When players log into Diablo Immortal every day, they can receive various rewards by completing various tasks. One of these awards can be any number of the Applicant’s Keys through the “First Kill of the Day” reward scale. The number of collected Keys of the Applicant is usually equal to five, but may change every week. Thus, Diablo Immortal players should not make the mistake of refusing these rewards.

Complete the task “The Depths of the Sanctuary of Iben Fahd”

One of the many daily activities that Diablo Immortal offers is the Depths of the Sanctuary, which essentially allows players to visit the Sanctuary and defeat various enemies to earn Challenger Keys. Theoretically, by doing this, players can get at least four keys for free, which will then help them open about three chests. However, players should keep in mind that even though contracts can accumulate in rewards, if they are skipped for several days, skipping the sanctuary will cause players to lose potential keys for that day.

Hilts Trader

Players who have extra handles can try to exchange them for the applicant’s keys through a handle dealer. A set of five keys of the applicant can be obtained for 50 handles and bought once a day.

This may seem like a fair deal, although players may want to save their hilts for other upgrades instead. The handles can also be used to buy legendary coats of arms and even enchanted dust, which helps players who are also looking for legendary gems.

The trial of Kion, the blessing of Daedessa

When players join Immortals or Shadows in Diablo Immortal, they can participate in a variety of events. In the case of the Immortals, they can do something called the “Kayon Trial”. This can give them the Daedesa Blessing, which allows them to receive a Blessed Chest, which may contain the Keys of the Challenger, when performing Ancient Fractures.

The catch here is that if the Immortals fail the Kayon Test, they will have to complete an additional set of tasks, otherwise the Shadows will receive the Blessing instead. Players who have this blessing active should use the opportunity to farm Elder Rifts.

PVP Battlefields

Players who liked the PVP component of Diablo Immortal may want to join the PVP “Battlefields”. Increasing the rating on the battlefields gives players various keys that stimulate the progress of players.

Different number of keys earned on each rank:

Bronze: 5 keys of the applicant for the rank increase. Silver: 6 keys of the applicant for the rank increase. Gold: 7 keys of the applicant for the rank increase. Legend: 10 keys of the challenger for the rank increase.


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