Diablo Immortal deepens his mechanics at BlizzConline


Even outside the opening ceremony of BlizzConline 2021, the mobile free to play game Diablo Immortal received a panel at the virtual fair presented by streamer Bluddshed, who interviewed Producer Lead Caleb Arseneaux and Designer Lead Wyatt Cheng.

With the end of Alfa Técnico, the team is ready to evaluate the results and talk about some plans for the future. One of the developers’ top priorities was to ensure that whenever you found a legendary item, you felt great about it, as if you had deserved to find such a good item.

But the progression is not limited to the loot: “The Paragon system already existed in Diablo III, but when you reached 100, it became a linear path,” explained Wyatt. “The plan for Diablo Immortal is to continue adding content for years, so we planned the system to have that potential, with multiple progress trees to choose from.”

Learning from alpha and future plans

In addition to Paragon, the game’s progress is also very focused on its gem system, legendary gems, upgrading equipment and legendary collection, which ensures variety. Fortunately, feedback from fans has been heard and soon we will have news on support for controls.

“Joysticks were one of the most requested things during the alpha, so we continue to study how to apply support for bluetooth controls in the future,” explained Caleb. “We can’t announce anything yet, but you can certainly wait for updates to that effect!”

Another element often mentioned in the alpha was the central game hub. Interestingly, the developers revealed that this was an idea that already existed in the days of Diablo III, where it was internally called the “city of players”, but it ended up not going into the final game, and only now has it come true.

Unfortunately, a Diablo Immortal release date has not yet been revealed. “We will still have more test phases, with more classes to play and a larger audience, lasting even longer,” explained Caleb. “We will have more announcements about this very soon!”


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