Diablo Immortal Bets on PvP To Have An Addictive Endgame


Diablo Immortal will reach our smartphones in 2021, and Blizzard is revealing more and more systems and news for it, from the return of the Cruzado class to the presentation of the Infernicario. This time, we had the opportunity to learn more about the structure of your multiplayer PvP!

At the producer’s invitation, we participated in an exclusive conversation with Scott Schicoff, Diablo Immortal’s Principal Game Designer, and Kris Ziergut, its Senior Systems Designer, who introduced us to the new systems for this ambitious project. Check it out below!

warring factions

For those wondering what the Diablo Immortal content will be in its endgame, the development team seems quite dedicated to ensuring that fans won’t lack appeal. The biggest highlight here is the Cycle of Strife (or Cycle of Strife), a system that will apply to all servers and everyone can participate.

It’s an endless fight between the Sanctuary’s strongest heroes for dominance, dividing players between Shadows or Immortals (immortals) through various PvP and PvE activities. “All players start out as adventurers,” explained Scott Schicoff, “but only the elite of the elite will make it to the coveted rank of Immortal.”

This class represents the cream of Burning Hells defenders, and they need to be smart to maintain their power, which will always be challenged by the Shadows. Each Cycle will have a group of Immortals, and a player from there can still become the leader of the group and wear the Eternal Crown (eternal crown).

“We still don’t have an exact number of how many Immortals will be elected per group, we are still making some adjustments to that, but the fact is that whoever manages to reach this level will be immortalized in the Wall of Honor (Wall of Honor), which registers all the leaders , lieutenants, banner and marks of achievements”, explained Kris Ziergut.

The idea is that each Immortal leader can elect up to four lieutenants to help him, and then they will all wear their own crowns that grant even more buffs for them and their allies during the electrifying PvP battles.

shadows in action

Shadows, as we mentioned, represent a vast number of players whose reason to exist is to ensure that Immortals adequately fulfill their Sanctuary defense functions. If they prove incapable, Shadows can usurp their place as Immortals, and there is no limit to how many players can be Shadows during a Cycle.

“Shadows can even face challenges of their own against groups of demons and monsters in Path of Blood,” said Kris Ziergut. “This is a good way to test their resolve and see if they’re really good enough to dethrone the Immortals and climb the ranks of the Dark House they represent.”

That is, if you want to stop being an Adventurer and become a Shadow, you can enjoy your own quests or embrace unique contracts to raise your reputation. One of the coolest activities will be Raids to invade an Immortals Vault. A group of up to four Shadows will be able to unite to try to steal and escape with all the loot found in the place.

The longer they stay there, the more risky the mission becomes, as the guardians will alert Immortal players. They will then be able to teleport and fight directly in PvP to protect their treasures, and if the Immortals manage to defeat the Shadows, they will lose all the loot they were trying to steal.

a climate clash

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering where exactly this Cycle of Conflicts starts and ends, right? “The Rite of Exile was thought of as this epic, climatic, gigantic clash between the Immortals and the strongest of the Dark Houses,” said Kris Ziergut. “It will be simultaneous battles of 8 against 8 players, where the Shadows will need to choose Zealous Idols and defeat the Guardians, while the Immortals are on the defensive.”

As each battle will be judged independently, it only takes the Shadows to win at least half of them for the current reign of the Immortals to come to an end and a new Cycle begins. But if the result is a victory for the defenders, the same Cycle continues and they remain in power.

“We hope all players will at least experience our PvP challenges,” encouraged Scott Schicoff. “While this is all optional and you can finish the entire campaign by yourself or with friends if you prefer, we are dedicated to making the competitive mode fun and rewarding for players.”

Scheduled for release in 2021, Diablo Immortal will be free to play on Android and iOS devices. How are your expectations for this game? Let us know in the comments below!


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