Diablo fan Shows Off Impressive Prime Evil model


Recently, Diablo fans have had many reasons to talk about the franchise, which has led to a revival of fan art. One fan recently showed off a custom-made Prime Evil Diablo model he made in Diablo 3.

The statue was showcased by CubbyNINJA on both Diablo and Reddit 3D Printing. It took them almost two weeks to print, assemble and paint the model developed by ZeroSwat. However, the results of their work were nothing short of astounding.

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The CubbyNINJA statue is incredibly detailed and exactly matches the images of Diablo in the artwork and in the game. The menacing model has a size of almost 18 inches and at first glance can be easily mistaken for an official model. In fact, the quality of the statue is comparable to the statue of Prime Evil Diablo from Sideshow Collectible Limited Edition.

According to CubbyNINJA, the Diablo model itself was printed from 32 separate parts on their modified Ender5Plus 3D printer. They used ArmyPainter SpeedPaints paints, including special paints sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, to cause the effects of glowing hellfire on the face and chest of the One Evil. The 3D printing model is available on cgtrader for $35, which is much cheaper than the official Sideshow Collectible alternative for $350, pictured below.

Diablo 3 fans who saw CubbyNINJA’s work were amazed by the quality of their work. Diablo’s appearance as a Single Evil in Diablo 3 was a sharp and unexpected change from his typical appearance. Despite the fact that this appearance caused conflicting feelings: some fans liked his new image, and others did not like it, everyone agreed that CubbyNINJA perfectly conveyed it.

Sanctuary was on everyone’s lips, two different Diablo games hit the headlines for completely different reasons. The recently released mobile game Diablo Immortal has received a lot of criticism due to the predatory business model built on the solid game Diablo. However, Diablo 4 finally revealed new information, including the fifth grade and the release window in 2023, during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

Diablo has been the last boss of every major Diablo game since its initial release in 1996. However, he met his final end in Diablo 3, which means that Diablo 4 may be the first full-fledged Diablo game that does not have the eponymous Horror Lord. directly. Currently, it seems that the role of the main antagonist in Diablo 4 will be played by Lilith. However, the players thought the same when Diablo 3 was announced, where Azmodan was actively involved in commercials and marketing, and yet he was not the last villain. Players will have to see if the Lord of Terror himself will find a way to return to Diablo 4, and if so, what kind of appearance he will take next time.

Diablo 3 is available on Mac, PC, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One.