Diablo 4: Directors Show More Enemies and Hero Details


Diablo 4: After appearing prominently at BlizzConline 2021, Diablo 4 continues to be developed at full speed by Blizzard, which has released another traditional post on its official website with quarterly updates to the project, including a closer look at character art and concepts.

The new information came from John Mueller, the project’s art director, and Arnaud Kotelnikoff, its associate art director, who showed a little more about the Rogue and Barbarian classes, including some videos with their models in motion:

Everyone involved in the project hopes that Diablo 4 will be a very inclusive experience and that the Sanctuary’s heroes can be customized in the way players see fit. This is a far greater ambition than what was seen in its predecessor, which had few different hero models and limited physical types.

Furthermore, the idea is that the hundreds of weapons and armor use a palette of darker colors, although one or another more flashy piece still finds room to shine among the loot collected.

As for enemies, we can expect the return of some classic antagonists such as reanimated skeletons and Succubus, as well as threats from nature ranging from bears and wasps to tree spirits. Also shown was a new rival creature, the Blood Bishop:

One of the team’s biggest challenges throughout the entire work was trying to bring a more realistic feel to the game, but without losing sight of the essence of Diablo and much less alienating the fan base that has followed the series since its first chapter.

Although the next title in the franchise still doesn’t have a release date set, at least we can already make sure that the enemies’ design remains amazing:

If you’d like to find out even more about the project’s progress, we also spoke exclusively with the Diablo 4 directors during BlizzConline. How are your expectations for the game? What did you think of this information? Comment below!


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