Diablo 4 Confuses Players With Bloody Statistics of Their Deaths


Blizzard Entertainment has shared statistics collected over the last two weekends of beta testing of the role-playing game Diablo 4, including almost 47 million player deaths.

In an infographic published yesterday (March 30), Blizzard Entertainment reported that players spent 61.5 million hours on the beta testing of Diablo 4, which took place from March 17 to March 20 and from March 24 to March 26.

During this time, fans managed to kill more than 29 billion Sanctuary monsters, although they themselves killed slightly less than 47 million.

One monster — the Butcher— was responsible for an impressive 1.7 million deaths of these players, and the cult antagonist of the series returned to make the beta version of Diablo 4 difficult for fans. It is impressive that the Butcher died only 576,662 times — this means that he reciprocated three times more than the number of player kills.

However, the world boss of Fractured Peaks, Ashava, performed even better, killing more than 10 million players and died only 107,426 times. The infographic adds that there was “almost one” successful attempt by a solo player on Ashava, although the attempt in question was thwarted by another player jumping up at the last second.

Outside of combat, Blizzard reported that the most popular classes were Sorcerer and Necromancer, although the latter was only available during the second beta of Diablo 4 on March 24.

In addition, 2.6 million players managed to get the “Wolf Pack” item, which could be unlocked by pumping the character up to level 20.

Along with the infographic, the studio also announced that Diablo 4 has achieved “the largest beta testing in the history of the Diablo franchise.”

The full launch of Diablo 4 is scheduled for June 6. Earlier this week, series manager Rod Fergusson said that Blizzard is currently studying fan feedback on the beta versions and “will present an update in a couple of weeks,” which will detail that the studio has taken up the case.

Before that, Fergusson told NME that the “disappointing” technical issues of the beta version will help Blizzard prepare for a better launch of the game.


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