Diablo 2 almost received an expansion with MMO


Diablo 2 is one of the most beloved chapters of the classic Blizzard franchise and, it seems, it came very close to receiving an expansion with elements of MMO and ARPG! At least, that’s what David Brevik, the co-founder of developer Blizzard North, said.

On his private Twitter, he said that this unprecedented content “was designed, but never produced. I had a multi-page design document covering the new areas, classes, new mechanics and history concepts, but that was only until then walk “.

Originally released in 2000, the original game did very well in sales and reviews, a feat shared by the Lords of Destruction expansion. However, a new expansion ended up not being released, as they were also working on their own version of Diablo 3.

“The second expansion would be very different from any Diablo and I think it was very interesting, as it was an ARPG and MMO, with many people playing together at the same time. It ended up being discarded because a lot of people from Blizzard North left the team . ”

About 30 people left Blizzard to found Flagship Studios. Shortly thereafter, in 2005, Blizzard North came to its sad end. Would their expansion have changed the direction of the series?

We will never know, but what is certain is that BlizzConline is scheduled for the 19th and 20th of February 2021, and there we will receive some more information about the awaited Diablo IV! How are your expectations for the future of the franchise? Comment below!


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