Dexter: Season 9 Wins Revealing Video With Possible Reunion


Dexter’s 9th season got a new teaser that could indicate a reunion. The series’ Twitter account posted last Sunday (20) — Father’s Day in the USA — an enigmatic video with the caption “Want to know a secret? Dad kills people”. In the video you can see a bonfire that destroys a photo of Dexter holding his son Harrison in one of the series’ final seasons.

Check it out below.

The series’ eighth season finale featured Dexter throwing his sister Deb’s body overboard, faking his death aboard his boat in the middle of a hurricane, and taking on a new life as a lumberjack. Meanwhile, Hannah McKay took Harrison to Argentina to go into hiding.

The teaser suggests that somehow Dexter will cross a long distance, while trying to maintain his disguise, to get to Harrison. That idea seems unlikely, considering it has been revealed that the protagonist now lives in a small town like Jimmy Lindsay, a respected professor. It remains to be seen how the post caption connects with the events of the ninth season of the series.

Dexter’s return will see the return of Clyde Phillips, who was the showrunner for the first four seasons. The recordings were made as a 10-hour movie, and will feature Clancy Brown as the main villain.


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