Dexter: President of Showtime Promises a Dignified Ending To The Series


Expectations around Dexter: New Blood, a revival of the acclaimed Showtime series, keep rising. At a press conference to publicize the new serial killer arc on the small screens, Gary Levine — president of the channel — promised that the limited-format attraction will deliver a “adequate conclusion to a brilliant series.”

“Dexter is a precious Showtime gem and we didn’t do him justice in the end. We always wanted to see if there was a way to end it the right way. It took us a long time to figure out how to do this and for Michael [C. Hall] be willing to revisit the role. We’ve finally arrived at something I can’t wait to show the world,” he said in a statement released by Deadline.

“It will be a return to the world of Dexter, with a fitting ending to a brilliant season,” he added. The executive highlighted that the attraction is considered by the channel as a special event and that despite being a limited series, he did not rule out the continuation of the story in a potential spinf-off.

“The expectations are very high. [The title] is very special to us and right now [launching this new chapter] is our focus. Let’s make it great and the future will take care of itself”, he added.

Dexter: New Blood will arrive in October on Showtime. The new season will feature 10 episodes and will have the return of figures known and loved by fans to show the current life of the serial killer, as well as fix the then controversial outcome of his original story.


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