Dexter: Michael C. Hall hoping to make up for the finale


In an interview with The Daily Beast, published on Monday (4), actor Michael C. Hall said he had some expectations regarding Dexter’s revival, a series that he starred between 2006 and 2013 on Showtime. According to him, the new episodes have everything to tell a story equal to the serial killer.

“The story being told now is worth telling,” he said. Hall took the opportunity to acknowledge that Dexter’s ending left many fans disappointed by the choices made by the writers and producers.

“People found that the series left things very unsatisfactory,” said the actor during the interview. “There was always hope that a good story would emerge,” he said, stressing that he was always curious about what would have happened to his character after the official outcome.

“I am very excited to be returning to it,” he said. “I never had the experience of playing a [same] character so many years later,” he revealed.

Learn more about Dexter’s revival

In October 2020, Showtime confirmed that it would produce a 10-episode revival miniseries for Dexter. Who is in charge again is Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner. The production will take place ten years after the disappearance of Dexter Morgan, but focusing on a new life for the character with a new identity.

According to him, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the miniseries comes as “a great opportunity to write a second ending”. However, he stressed that he does not intend to erase the original ending of the story. “We are not going to betray the public. What happened in the first eight years really happened, ”he explained.

Marcos Siega, who directed nine episodes of Dexter, will be one of the executive producers. According to what has been released so far, he will also direct about six episodes of the revival.

Let’s wait for news!


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