Dexter: John Lithgow Will Return As Trinity In The Series Revival


Dexter’s Showtime revival has added to its cast John Lithgow, the actor who played the killer Trinity in the original series. According to Deadline, he will return in a brief appearance, but with significant plot importance. The scenes in question are expected to be shot in just over a day on sets in Los Angeles, with filming scheduled to begin next week.

The character was codenamed Arthur Mitchell and was introduced in season four as a husband, father, pastor and member of charitable organizations. However, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) discovers that the hitherto ordinary citizen was actually a ruthless assassin, who for decades terrorized Miami.

Soon, the protagonist begins to admire the way the criminal reconciles his killing techniques with a normal life, with his family and work – aiming to improve his own personal relationships. Eventually, the two end up getting close, however, after plot twists, Trinity murders Dexter’s wife, who seeks revenge and kills him with the use of a hammer. Given the character’s death, it’s still unclear how he should come back.

It is also worth remembering that, in this context, the duo’s interaction generated one of the most tense moments (after the famous phrase “Hello, Dexter Morgan”). This plot was considered by critics and fans as one of the best arcs of the program, establishing the villain as one of the greatest opponents of Dexter.

In addition, many point out that the plot raised the quality of the series as a whole and, in that sense, it was responsible for generating great expectations for the coming seasons. Lithgow’s performance was also recognized, earning the actor some awards — such as Emmy and Golden Globe, in 2010.

Dexter’s revival will feature 10 episodes, set to be released on Showtime later this year. In Brazil, the original series is available on Amazon Prime Video and Globoplay.