Dexamethasone: ‘The first drug to reduce mortality so far’ in the fight against coronavirus’


Extensive research in the UK has revealed that an inexpensive and easily available drug called “dexamethasone” can help save severe coronavirus patients.

Experts explained that low-dose steroid therapy could play an important role in fighting the deadly Covid-19 virus.

In a study led by Oxford University, the drug was found to reduce the risk of death by a third in patients connected to the respiratory device.

This ratio is one-fifth in patients receiving oxygen.

Dexamethasone has been tested in the world’s most comprehensive research, launched to see if current treatments will work in the coronavirus.

‘Five thousand people could be saved in England’

According to experts, this drug has been available in the UK since the outbreak began, and if used in coronavirus cases, up to five thousand patients’ lives would have been saved.

It is stated that the drug will be beneficial for the poor countries, which are difficult to cope with high number of cases due to its cheapness.

It is estimated that 19 out of every 20 patients suffering from coronavirus heal without going to the hospital.

Most of the hospitalized patients are also recovering. However, some patients need to be given oxygen or connected to the respirator.

Dexamethasone appears to be effective in high-risk patients.

The drug is currently used to reduce inflammation in a number of diseases. It is stated that the drug prevents some of the damage that occurs in the weakened immune system while trying to fight the coronavirus.

Cytokine storm

The body’s overreaction is called “cytokine storm” and it is emphasized that it can be fatal.

In the drug trial, dexamethasone was given to 2000 patients who were treated in the hospital.

And the results were compared with the data of 4,000 patients who did not take this drug. The risk of death of patients connected to the respiratory device with medication has decreased from 40 percent to 28 percent.

Experts say dexamethasone is the first drug to reduce mortality in Covid-19 patients.

This ratio has decreased from 25 percent to 20 percent in patients who need oxygen. The head of the research delegation. “This is the only drug that has reduced mortality so far. It significantly reduces the mortality rate. This is a great result,” said Peter Horby.


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