Devil May Cry V Special Edition, Análisis PS5


We tested the version intended for Xbox Series and PS5, with a revamped package and some graphic embellishments more suitable for new players.

As we have already seen in the past impressions, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is a version designed for Xbox Series and PS5 with some extras and improvements in order to make your purchase attractive compared to the cheapest and compatible version of DMC 5 available on PS4 and Xbox One. More than an intergenerational game, we are talking about a “repackaging”, a version of the title that we all know with some extras to tempt the first users of the new consoles.

The game is still magnificent and we are not going to analyze it again here, since we already did it at the time and the main content is not altered in this version beyond the graphical improvements. We will therefore focus on the novelties, both graphics and content, in order to shed light on how recommendable Capcom’s game can be for this beginning of generation. We already mentioned the three pillars on which the virtues of this Special Edition can rest, which on the other hand follows a certain tradition in the saga when it comes to incorporating that name.

The cold edge of Yamato

Of course, one of the main attractions of the Special Edition is the incorporation of Vergil as a playable character, a tradition associated with special editions of Devil May Cry from the third part and one that fans of the saga do not get tired of. Playing with Dante’s brother is always an unmissable pleasure, because of the aesthetics, because of the presence and because having Yamato in hand, with that elegant and varied combat style is something that elevates the game as a whole.

We can handle Vergil from the very beginning as soon as we can access the mission selector, we just have to press a button on the menu and we can automatically start the campaign with him, in a parallel way to the original. This approach is an additional advantage, since it will allow us to play the whole game with it, without going through the character changes required by the story, which does not make much sense from the argument but is made more satisfactory by the fact of being able to focus on its complex and attractive skill set all the way. Of course, if you have not played the main campaign, we recommend doing it before so that everything makes some sense, although it can also be argued that nothing happens to want to enjoy an action game simply for the pleasure of doing it, without more.

Those who have already controlled Vergil in other editions know what to expect, since the character maintains weapons, style and philosophy, with some touches. Yamato remains essential, with Balrog gloves and a new Mirage sword that comes to represent one of his newest new abilities; the ability to create a demonic double that will emulate the movements we make, increasing the damage and allowing us to do more devastating combos. The concentration bar returns and the economy of movement is rewarded, not hitting the blind and making sure that each movement pursues the annihilation of our enemies in the shortest possible time. It certainly seems like the most notable addition to this edition, although we must not lose sight of the fact that it can also be purchased through paid DLC in the editions already present, in December.


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