Devil May Cry Peak Of Combat: Mobile Game To Be Released Globally


Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat was only released on the Chinese market last week, and many fans wondered if the mobile action game would also reach the rest of the world. This was confirmed today (16) by a tweet posted — and then quickly deleted — by producer NebulaJoy.

In the meantime, the website Dualshockers managed to record the original post, where we could read that “the team is working day and night to localize the game in English and other languages ​​so that all of you can try it out”. Check out:

Originally released on June 11th, this Devil May Cry Mobile was very successful and reached the position of second most downloaded title on iOS. Mixing elements from the first three chapters of the series, it uses the Unity engine and looks quite fun!

As the post came from an official account, it seems guaranteed that the global launch will actually happen at some point, but the fact that the message has been deleted could also mean that someone spoke more than they should, or even that the information doesn’t follow.

While new information is not revealed, how about telling us in the comments below if you already knew this game and if you are in the mood to play it?


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