Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Impresiones PS5


Dante, Nero and V dip their fingers into the next generation with a version that tries to capitalize on the unused potential of the powerful RE Engine.

The strategy of each company when approaching the new generation differs according to philosophies, catalog and possibilities. In a few days there will be two new machines that will replace Xbox One and PS4, the platforms that have marked the tempo of the still present generation, but that replacement will be, as we know, very gradual: the new consoles are practically compatible with their predecessors and can automatically enjoy the same catalog, including the one yet to come. The concept of intergenerationality takes a new step and mutates into something more fluid; It is no longer that the same game comes out on two different consoles, as happened at the end of 2013, but rather that the same game that is valid in one is valid in the other, which opens the range of possibilities.

The strategies that companies are tackling are diverse. The most common strategy seems to be to launch the game in all formats and let the player decide based on his idea of ​​buying a new console, knowing that if he decides to wait, his purchase of a version for the current generation will continue in force in the next step and also with immediate and future improvements. That’s fine for the games that come out on this border, but not all companies seem very much in agreement with allowing that bridge to be crossed without paying a toll, especially if they consider that the efforts they have put into the new generation versions justify the passage box.

I jump to the new generation

And there the burden of responsibility falls on the studies to try to justify this step and convince users that it is worth not dusting off the existing version or buying it at low cost to play it on the new hardware. That is what Capcom is going to try with this Special Edition, an improved version of the magnificent Devil May Cry V designed for Xbox Series and PS5 with which the Osaka company seeks to set foot in this beginning of generation, in the absence of its first native projects on the new hardware. To start with, the choice of the game is appropriate, the title came out in February 2019, so it has been almost two years since the original launch, which gives it the necessary distance. It is also a type of game in which an improvement in the framerate on the console can earn you a few instant purchases from those who do not tire of its rich combat system. And of course, the secret weapon of putting a certain iconic and extremely popular character as playable is a bomb in the sentimentality of the fans – which fortunately will also reach the other consoles in the form of paid DLC, although somewhat later, December 15-.

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Three are the pillars of this Special Edition: the incorporation of Ray Tracing, the increase in framerate and the extras that have been added to this special edition in the form of bonuses and game modes. The first two, yes, are mutually exclusive and there are also some modes that are not compatible with Ray Tracing (which will come by default on PS5 and in a patch for Xbox Series). In the end, you have to choose between some functionalities and others depending on what you want to prioritize.


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