Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Announced for PS5


Capcom’s hit action title will receive an improved version in the new generation, with more content. Dante hasn’t said his last word.

Not that a sixth installment has been announced, but PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S players will have the opportunity to re-embody the demon hunter in Devil May Cy 5: Special Edition, a version adapted to the new systems. It was during the PS5 presentation event when Capcom showed the first trailer of this revamped version, which you can see on these lines.

“Devil May Cy 5: Special Edition was created with two goals in mind: to enhance the already award-winning gameplay of DMC5 for a next-gen experience and to add key content that fans have been asking for,” wrote Watt Walker, Capcom producer. , in a post on the official PlayStation blog. According to Walker, as soon as the development kits arrived, they got “down to business” to see how well they could perform.

“The first thing that caught their attention was the hardware’s new ray tracing capabilities. The ray tracing architecture of the PS5 gives us the ability to render the amazing graphics of the DMC5SE with even more realistic lighting, allowing the system to calculate the reflections of light and therefore draw really dynamic reflections, and create more realistic lights and shadows ”. Until the present generation, artists had always had to create approximations of reflections by hand, but now they can be outlined in real time. The goal is to hit 30 fps in 4K and 60 fps in 1080p. Those who have a compatible screen can also play it at 120 fps (high frames per second mode).

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