Devil May Cry 5 SE: performance between X and PS5


The Digital Foundry team shared, on their YouTube channel, the first performance comparison of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The video put the game side by side in its possible graphic comparisons and presented results similar – or very close – to new generation machines in one case, but advantages between one and the other in other modes.

Unlike what happened on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, where the consoles presented graphic divergences when running Devil May Cry 5, with the Microsoft video game it took advantage in relation to the image sharpness, the Series X and the PlayStation 5 run apparently with the same graphic highlight, without loss of rendering, lighting or other details.

However, when it comes to frame rate, the consoles practically take turns in various graphics configurations, with the Series X slightly superior to the PS5 in native 4K mode (normal mode), the PS5 taking significantly greater advantage in the High Frame-Rate mode (up to 120 fps), and with the machines surprisingly staying above 70 fps when Ray-Tracing is turned on in 1080p. Check out the video below.

Virtually all the gameplay was captured in the second mission of DmC 5: SE, in which there is a greater presence of particles, events happening simultaneously, many neon lights and more aggressive combats in relation to the environment. In some moments, it is possible to observe sudden loss of fps from the consoles.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is available for Xbox Series S / X and arrives on November 12 on PS5.


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