Devil Judge new K-Drama starring Jinyoung


Jinyoung will return to the television screen with the K-Drama Devil Judge, we will tell you what this series is about and the actors that will be part of it.

GOT7 followers love to see the different facets of the group’s members, for that reason, when tvN invited Jinyoung to act in a new drama, this idol received great support in the hope of fans who want to see him act again. The Devil Judge series is still in the works, but a surprise about the cast has created great excitement.

JYP Actors and tvN have not released an official statement regarding the cast, but some plans regarding Devil Judge have been revealed that gave favorable signals to fans of Jinyoung and GOT7.

Recently, a bit of the preparations for this K-Drama was revealed, where everything seems to indicate that Jinyoung has been confirmed as part of the main cast. This production would also feature acting figures like Ji Sung and Park Kyu Young.

According to the revealed images, the Devil Judge series would premiere new episodes every weekend and the episodes would air between June and July 2021, so it will probably have a total of 16 episodes.

As if that were not enough, it has been reported that in addition to the television production for Devil Judge there will be a webtoon about this same story. Both the K-Drama and the webtoon will be produced at the same time, so their publication could also be simultaneous.


Although many details about this drama are not yet known, it is known that it will tell the story of a group of workers from the Supreme Court of South Korea. When the president of that court begins to act strange, an assistant judge will try to discover what is happening, but that will lead him to become involved in a new mystery.

The role that the production offered to GOT7’s Jinyoung is that of Kim Ga On, an assistant judge who will showcase his talent and curiosity in court.

This is not the first drama that Jinyoung has filmed with tvN, if you want to know more about the acting career of this JYP Entertainment idol, we will tell you what are the best dramas in which he has participated.


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