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Neither manufacturers are interested in selling a stand-alone device, nor are consumers interested in buying a stand-alone device. Both parties are on the lookout for services and applications that will boost the experience even higher and increase productivity. In fact, the presence of peripheral devices that will take the experience further is becoming more and more important. All these devices and applications often call it “ecosystem”. Here, Huawei offers a real “Huawei ecosystem” with its smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, headsets and accessories.

The world’s largest seller of smartphones in the position Huawei smartphone sales momentum gained in laptop computers, smart clock, carries on to devices like headsets. For users who are not content with just purchasing a single Huawei device, it offers the opportunity to create an ecosystem that will further enrich their experience and increase their productivity. Those who buy a Huawei smartphone find what they are looking for in the Huawei AppGallery application store, which is getting richer with local popular applications. Huawei AppGallery, which has reached a considerable wealth in a short time, allows you to download most of the popular applications you will need right now.

Let’s not go without mentioning the Huawei Score. Thanks to this system of Huawei, which encourages users to use AppGallery and other services more, you can earn points from the games, applications and other content you download. You can use the points you earn for transactions such as purchasing cloud storage space in the Cloud, purchasing paid applications from AppGallery, purchasing various in-game content via GameCenter, purchasing content such as themes or wallpapers.

Huawei Mobile Services accompanying Huawei AppGallery does not make consumers need any other services in areas such as map, device location, cloud storage, backup. Thanks to Huawei Cloud, you can store photos, videos and other documents you take with your smartphone in the cloud. Wi-Fi passwords, calendar, notebook and contacts are also stored in the cloud. Huawei offers 5 GB of storage space for free to all users. For users who want more storage space, additional storage areas of 50 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB are offered with different payment options. When you back up on the Huawei Cloud area, you can set up the backup when you purchase a new Huawei device, and you can protect the photos and videos you take without the need for backup elsewhere.

Find My Phone is also an important part of the Huawei ecosystem. With this feature, you can see the instant location of your phone or tablet registered in Huawei Cloud, play its voice, remotely lock the device or delete its data. This function can be very useful in unwanted situations such as if your device is lost or stolen. You can see the location of the device on by logging in with your Huawei ID information.

Meanwhile, the Huawei Cloud website hosts apps like Contacts, Notebook, Gallery, Voice Recorder, and Huawei Drive, as well as Find My Phone. In this way, it is possible to access contact records, photos, notes and files stored in the cloud on your internet browser.

Advantages offered with Huawei smart watches and wireless headphones

Wearable products are amply helping consumers to further expand the smartphone experience. Smart watches or wristbands, for example, really do a great job for those who want a tool to help with a healthy lifestyle. The latest Huawei smart watches, such as the Huawei Watch GT 2 and Watch GT 2e, provide full service to their users for a long time, with a battery life of up to two weeks. You can connect the smart watch with the phone through the Huawei Health application installed on your Huawei smartphone, and then you can manage all the watch from here. Meaningful data such as the number of steps taken, the amount of calories burned, the number of floors climbed are matched with the phone and all of them are displayed with meaningful graphics in the Huawei Health application. Thanks to its long battery life, Huawei smart watches, which do not require you to charge even at night, help with sleep tracking. You can see how you behave during sleep and the deep points of your sleep with the graphics offered on Huawei Health. You can also keep a record of many activities from running to cycling, walking to swimming, and synchronize the data with the Huawei smartphone.

On the other hand, Huawei Health app also keeps movement-based data such as the number of steps and calories recorded on your smartwatch. However, a much more comprehensive picture emerges thanks to the data that comes with Huawei’s smart watches such as Watch GT2, GT 2e or wristbands. Huawei smartwatches also help those who want more than a smartwatch besides healthy living and exercise. See alarm, notifications, etc. The most used smartwatch functions are offered. Huawei Watch GT 2 users can answer calls to connected Huawei smartphones directly through their smartwatch. You can also listen to the tracks you will load into the memory of this smart watch with Huawei FreeBuds 3 series or other Bluetooth headsets. So you can only exercise with Watch GT 2 on your wrist and Huawei FreeBuds 3 series headphones on your ears.

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FreeBuds 3 series headsets also have an important place in the Huawei Ecosystem. Currently, Huawei is on sale freebuds 3 and freebuds 3 headsets, active noise cancellation system, long battery life, EMUE 10 installed easily with Huawei phone and stands out with facilities such as establishing practical connection. When you bring the box of the FreeBuds 3 or 3i headset next to the Huawei smartphone with EMUI 10 and remove the cover, fast connection is provided. Later, it is possible to quickly see the battery status and adjust noise cancellation. Moreover, Huawei FreeBuds 3 wireless headphones provide fast connection and use thanks to its Kirin A1 processor.

Huawei Share and Multi-Screen Sharing

It is important that devices work together in an ecosystem and it is possible to carry a job to more than one screen. Huawei Share is a comprehensive system that offers such tools together. Huawei laptops, such as the Huawei MateBook 13, Huawei MateBook X Pro, as well as the 2019 or 2020 model, have the Huawei Share feature. In this way, possibilities such as fast connection with Huawei smartphones or tablets, multi-screen sharing, easy file transfer are achieved. Huawei Share uses technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct that enable wireless connection and sharing in the near range. Thus, it is possible to reach speeds as high as cables.

Thanks to Multi-screen Collaboration offered under Huawei Share, the compatibility between Windows PC and Android device is increased to a high level. With the help of the PC Manager application that comes preinstalled on Huawei’s laptops, you can connect the smartphone or tablet with the laptop. You can mirror the screen of Huawei’s smartphones with EMUI 10 installed on the laptop, and control the smartphone’s user interface using the computer’s mouse or trackpad. You can also use the laptop’s keyboard for text input. Apart from that, you can easily share files between PC or smartphone by dragging and dropping between EMUI interface and Windows Explorer. For example, you can drag photos or videos from the Gallery app to the desktop of your Huawei laptop or to a folder you have opened in Windows Explorer. The opposite is also true.

Setting up a connection between a Huawei laptop and a smartphone is also quite simple. You can use three different ways; Connection with NFC, connection by QR code and connection by Bluetooth. The most practical of these three ways is connection via NFC. After turning on NFC on your phone with EMUI 10 installed, you can start pairing your phone by touching the Huawei Share sticker located next to the trackpad of the laptop. After confirming on the screen of the computer, pairing will be completed and the interface of the EMUI 10 phone will be projected on the computer screen.

Multiple Screen Sharing works between Huawei smartphones and laptops. Huawei MatePad Pro users cannot take advantage of this opportunity. However, if they have a smartphone with EMUI 10 in their hands, they get the opportunity to mirror the screen of their smartphones to their tablets and perform the above-mentioned operations between the tablet and the phone. Apart from that, both Huawei smartphone and tablet users have the opportunity to backup photos and videos with the Huawei Share-supported laptop connected via PC Manager.

Another advantage offered with the Huawei ecosystem is clipboard synchronization. In this way, it is possible to paste the contents copied on a smartphone or laptop between each other. While reading something on your smartphone, you can copy a text that interests you, paste it into the e-mail application you open on your laptop and quickly send it to anyone you want. Thanks to panel synchronization, the efficiency between the two devices is much higher.

Huawei’s 1 + 8 + N strategy

The devices and services we mentioned above are a result of the strategy Huawei calls 1 + 8 + N. At the center of this strategy are smartphones that aim to manage everything from a single source. The products of the chain, represented by “8” elements, consist of computers, tablets, TVs, speakers, smart glasses, smart watches, in-car terminals and headphones, which the company recently put up for sale. In the frame expressed with “N”, with the focus of the internet of things; mobile offices, smart homes, sports and health products, audio-visual entertainment products and smart travel products stand out.

The company creates a multi-device ecosystem by following the 1 + 8 + N philosophy and enables its users to interact with different units within the same interface. AppGallery, the world’s third largest application store, is rapidly developing with an average of 5000 new applications per week covering all application categories.

A true world of smart living with Huawei ecosystem

With the Huawei Ecosystem, a real world of smart living is offered for users. While users can quickly share their content between devices, they also find the opportunity to meet the true potential of the devices. The advantage of Huawei being one of the world’s leading technology companies in both software and hardware is felt significantly in this ecosystem.


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