Device that continuously measures body temperature


The Corona virus has brought many measures with it. As such, many people are faced with measuring their fever while entering indoor spaces. Subsequently, the “device that can measure body temperature” has emerged, benefiting from the benefits of technology.

Device that can measure body temperature continuously

PouchPASS is positioned as a product developed for people who do not want to wear a smart watch but still want to track their health data. During the epidemic, a device that can monitor the health data of both adults and children has emerged during this period where “body temperature” is especially important.

PouchPASS is a very simply designed wearable device. What he does is; constant body temperature scanning. This device worn on your wrist does not need to be charged. Powered by a replaceable battery, this device runs on a single battery for 6 months. The most important feature of the smart temperature-measuring bracelet is that it continuously measures your body temperature.

The device, which can measure body temperature, which is opened to funding in indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform, exceeds the donation target of 10 thousand dollars and closes it with a donation figure approaching 90 thousand dollars. The remarkable device is stated to be in production.

Let’s get back to the other features of the device. First of all, it has a mobile application for smartphones. In this way, it provides the opportunity to monitor the body temperature of the person instantly. With this mobile application, a family watch list is created, so you can see the body temperatures of other individuals wearing the device.

This device, which looks like a normal wristband when viewed from the outside, expands its usage area with its water resistance. The product is available in three sizes, small medium and large. Available in five different colors, the options for this bracelet are green, black, blue, red and gray.


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