Deviation Games is Creating New Game for Sony


Deviation Games: In a message posted on the official PlayStation blog, Dave Anthony, executive director of the Deviation Games studio (a company created by Anthony and Jason Blundell, who worked on games for the Call of Duty franchise), announced a partnership with Sony to develop a new IP for PlayStation 5.

The partnership’s revelation took place during the Summer Game Fest held last Thursday (10), and the announcement still doesn’t bring many details of what’s to come. However, the statement reveals that the production company currently has more than 100 employees on its staff, implying that the project in question should not be something very small.

“I know what you are thinking as you read this. What kind of game are we creating? How long have we been working on it? Is it based on history? Is it multiplayer? Is it cooperative? Or all of the above and more? When will it be released? While I can confirm that development is already underway, it’s too early for us to go into specific details,” concluded Anthony.


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