DeviantArt Users Are Furious Because The Site Automatically Adds Images to AI Generators


DeviantArt users were furious after the iconic art site launched new AI tools and controls, and automatically incorporated all existing artwork into AI datasets and hints.

DevianArt has been around for over 20 years and is still one of the most popular websites where you can upload your own drawings so that thousands of other people can enjoy them.

On November 11, DeviantArt launched new artificial intelligence art tools and controls for its artists, including the ability to prevent their drawings from being automatically added to datasets and AI prompts.

Users were furious after the announcement, as the only way to do this is to view all your downloads individually.

DeviantArt users are furious because the site adds Images to AI Prompts

According to their Twitter post, the new AI tools and controls include DreamUp as a new art creation tool, the ability to limit the amount of AI art in your feed, clear labeling, and the ability to remove your art from AI datasets. and hints.


However, many did not like the fact that their art was automatically selected by the company, because the only way to delete everything is to refuse each of your downloads manually.

One user commented that it’s easier to delete your account than to manually disable your art.

“Until now, it seemed that DA was one of the few who supported us, the artists… Disappointing is not enough,” they said.

Another user replied that this step was like a “slap in the face” and asked why the site decided to include all the creations in these datasets at all.

“OK, I’m sorry, but it feels like a slap in the face, and I’m honestly very upset and disappointed with such a move,” they explained. “I really don’t know why no one thought about listening to the user base, and the insistence on giving the green light to such a move was such a deaf part of a platform that relies so heavily on its community.”


Along with a lot of negative reviews, many users are threatening to cancel their paid membership.

DeviantArt has not responded to the criticism at the time of writing, but we will definitely let you know if they do.


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