Development that GTA 6 will be released seriously December 3


Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 adventure has turned to Arab hair. The development now shows that the game can once again be introduced at the PlayStation Awards on December 3.

For a while, gamers have been waiting for the slightest explanation from Rockstar Games. Because the company is expected to announce a new member of the Grand Theft Auto series, which has been delayed for some time. However, Rockstar Games has not made any statement on the subject to date. As such, the smallest detail on the subject is enough to increase the enthusiasm of gamers.

To date, we have provided you with a lot of information about GTA 6. The latest development may indicate the release date of GTA 6. This time the claims, although belonging to a YouTube channel, makes more sense when considered. Without further ado, let us look at the details of the latest development of the GTA 6.

Recent allegations of GTA 6 were that Rockstar Games would take the stage at the “PlayStation Awards” on December 3, where it would announce its new game. Now the developments in fact support these claims. Because a YouTube channel called “ZacCoxTV”, now obsessed with GTA 6, caught an interesting detail with its followers.

Namely; some users on the internet would come across an ad when they searched for GTA 6 and said they were directed to the PlayStation website. As such, this YouTube channel decided to learn the truth of this by hand in hand with its followers. The hands-on work revealed an interesting detail. The YouTube channel found that the rumors were true.

The most interesting thing is that these Spanish explanations contain a package about GTA 6. Moreover, the link that this ad shows to consumers is PlayStation’s official website. So, interestingly, there is something about the GTA 6 on PlayStation’s website, but whatever it is, it’s not stuffed. Because when you click on this link, you can only go to the official website of PlayStation.

ZacCoxTV thinks this cannot be a coincidence and that something is approaching. The only thing that comes to mind about PlayStation right now is the PlayStation Awards. For this reason, channel managers think that GTA 6 will be announced at Sony’s events. GTA 5 was also announced at a press conference by Sony, “Why not?”.

Of course, these are purely claims. In fact, these claims of the YouTube channel have certainly not been accepted by some gamers. So there is still a great deal of obscurity. What are your views on this issue? Will Rockstar Games announce GTA 6 on December 3rd? You can share your ideas with us.


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