Developers talk about the influence of hip-hop and culture on Street Fighter 6


One of Capcom’s most anticipated releases is currently Street Fighter 6, which is receiving a lot of attention and marketing. Although it was revealed in a teaser back in February, the trailer shown on PlayStation State of Play in June was enough to get fans excited about this latest entry. Early impressions of Street Fighter 6 gave the game a positive image, many were attracted by the latest additions and improvements, such as cross-game implementation and network rollback code.

The line-up of Street Fighter 6 was also highly praised: returning characters such as Ryu, Chun-Lee and Gail have a new look that matches the big timescale after the release of Street Fighter 3. Moreover, newcomers to Street Fighter 6, such as Kimberly, were praised for their unique style, music and gameplay the process, giving the game a great unifying theme of urban street fighter. The impact on this more mundane Street Fighter game was discussed by the developers in a recent interview, which emphasized that hip-hop, in particular, was a key component of Street Fighter 6.

In an interview with SPIN media website, producer Shuhei Matsumoto and lead composer Yoshiya Terayama discussed what fans can expect and how hip-hop culture has influenced the game. Terayama, in particular, notes that the music of Street Fighter 6 is designed to be unique and represent a new generation of the series, as well as respect and combine hip-hop styles with various musical elements of the music of the franchise.

Matsumoto notes the variety of ways in which Street Fighter 6 shows hip-hop influences, noting that elements of rap, DJ sounds, graffiti and dancing are in some way part of the game. He notes that past games like the original Street Fighter and Street Fighter 3 also had these elements, and Street Fighter 6 was the culmination. Terayama explicitly states that the purpose of the soundtrack is to create music that all fans can also play to.

Terayama also notes that each character’s country and culture were taken into account when writing their theme songs, and the choice of instruments was fine-tuned to properly represent the character. They also touch on some other aspects of the upcoming fighting game, such as the single-player mode of Street Fighter 6 World Tour. Terayama states that as players walk through Metro City, there are some elements that fans of Capcom’s Final Fight franchise can recognize. The two claim that all these elements help make Street Fighter more urban, which many fans will be able to enjoy.

Street Fighter 6 will be released in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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