Developers have discovered an interesting vulnerability in Galaxy Z Flip 3!


An important security vulnerability was discovered on the external screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, one of Samsung’s foldable models.


Samsung has introduced its new foldable phones Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 in the past weeks. While both devices are currently on sale in most markets.

As you know, Fold 3, one of Samsung’s new foldable models, comes as the company’s first under-screen camera phone. The Z Flip 3, on the other hand, has a clamshell design and houses a small 1.9-inch external display on the back. This screen is under normal conditions; music, other notifications, weather and time. However, the developers managed to discover another feature that Samsung has restricted.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 can also open web pages on its external display

A member named CarudiBu from the well-known software development platform XDA has identified the vulnerability on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 where the external display runs a GeckoView-based browser. With this description, users can browse web pages, as well as customize widgets.

This vulnerability, discovered by the developer, interestingly does not require ROOT or ROM. For this, it is stated that the Samsung Health application should be removed as a priority. (You can find the details here)

Thanks to this vulnerability, it is possible to browse web pages on the external screen using special widgets. But it is also worth noting that accessing the on-screen keyboard and the current session is not saved.

At this time, Samsung has not acted on this issue. However, if the Korean giant does not disable it in the next updates, the developers can activate more functions and expand the usable capacity of Flip 3.


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