Developer Student Clubs Certified ‘WEB Design Camp’ Starts on April 24


Developer Student Clubs: The ‘WEB Design Camp’ of Developer Student Clubs Gazi, inspired by Harvard University, begins. The aim of the event, which is certified, is to bring the participants to a position to prepare professional projects. The “WEB Design Camp”, prepared by Developer Student Clubs Gazi and will take place in partnership with Bilge Adam, starts with its new content that is completely tailored to the needs of the sector. In the event, where “WEB Design Training” will be given at university standards, it is aimed to bring the participants to a position to prepare professional projects at the end of the training.

In this context, the participants of the trainings will be given a professional certificate, specially prepared for the name, including the projects and topics covered. In order to get the certificate, 75% of the given problem sets must be done and 75% attendance is required.

The education program, inspired by Harvard University, will be taught by experts in the field and will continue regularly between 14.00 – 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday. The camp will consist of 8 lessons that will last an average of 4 hours.

Camp schedule:
Lesson 1 – Introduction to JQuery (Selectors, Attributes, Manipulation)
Lesson 2 – JQuery and Ajax
Lesson 3 – Bootstrap 4 Part 1
Lesson 4 – Bootstrap 4 Part 2
Lesson 5 – Application Development with Bootstrap 4, CSS, and JQuery
Lesson 6 – Programming Basics with C # (Basic and Summary)
Lesson 7 – Accessing Data with C #
Lesson 8 – Website Development with ASP.NET MVC
There will be 2 weeks of project development and submission after lesson 8.


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