Developer ‘runs’ Doom in pregnancy test with a CPU mod


This may not be the day you’ve been waiting for, but it’s the day that it arrived: a programmer from California managed to “run” the 1993 DOOM game on a pregnancy test. Foone Turing shared the feat on social networks and also said that he made it compatible with a keyboard.

For being relatively light, the game has been seen running on devices like an Apple Watch, digital calculator. In this case of the pregnancy test, which has a resolution of 128 x 32 pixels on the screen, Turing explains that he had to cut a number of features and adapted the device. In this case, the game was also not, in fact, being played in real time.

“As I explained, I wasn’t really playing on a pregnancy test, it was just a video being played and not an interactive game,” he said on his Twitter account. Because of the tiny, monochrome screen, he says he tried to “zoom in and increase the game’s range” to show on video.

In another post, the programmer explains that he replaced the pregnancy test screen with an OLED display. The CPU also underwent modifications, since a desktop would be being used together. The first tests and modifications were published a few days ago.

Whoever was curious and wants to try, Foone says he will share more details soon. “By the way, I’m just prototyping and playing around with it now, but when it’s more complete I’ll do a tutorial so that you can also do your own pregnancy video test.”


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