Developer Recreates Dino Crisis 2 Mission In Unreal Engine 4


Dino Crisis 2: While the Dino Crisis franchise hasn’t seen a new chapter or collection in years, a fan of the Capcom series has created an experiment that shows what a modern game in the series would look like.

The project is Dino Crisis 2: Jungle of Silence, created in Unreal Engine 4 by Italian developer Stefano Cagnani. You can download the game from this link.

It recreated an entire mission from the original game where you control Dylan Morton, walking through industrial environments and forests, as well as encountering some hostile dinosaurs. Stefano made the demo version just for fun, but asked for donations to, who knows, turn the idea into a full game.

The gameplay is as simple as possible: you use the mouse to look and shoot, in addition to walking, interacting with doors and running using the keyboard. There are even some animations that tell the story of the mission. Altogether, the experience takes about 15 minutes to complete and takes many inspirations from the current remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.


The developer has a very varied catalog of short, free games made in Unreal Engine 4, specializing in paying homage to horror franchises such as Halloween and The Chainsaw Massacre.

Dino Crisis 2 was released by Capcom in 2000 for the first PlayStation. The franchise that mixes suspense, action and combat against dinosaurs turned 20 in 2019, already has a spiritual successor called Instiction and is often remembered by the community, but with no plans to return on the part of the Japanese developer.