Developer of No Man’s Sky started new project


Lastly, Hello Games, which released The Last Campfire and made a name for itself with No Man’s Sky, started working on its next big game, looking to the future.

Hello Games rolls up its sleeves for its new big game

Speaking to Polygon, Hello Games founder Sean Murray said that they are working on a huge game like No Man’s Sky and talked about the company’s future goals. Murray, who has produced a lot of productions under the roof of EA, expressed that they are eager to do an exciting project. He also mentioned that they created Hello Games to do whatever they want.

Murray said that No Man’s Sky emerged as a result of a minor midlife crisis, while The Last bda was run by a team of three. Murray stated that the remaining team was also interested in their other big games. Also, Murray did not share any details about their next project. He pointed out that it is unlikely that a similar statement will come from the Hello Games front in the near future.

The open world game No Man’s Sky, released in 2016, allowed players to explore countless planets with spacecraft. Especially the last update to the production, which has recently decreased in fan base, was the Desolation DLC, which added an abandoned spacecraft.

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