A Developer Launches a Free App for $ 100 on Steam


Gathering all the games on your computer in a single library, Playnite is one of the effective software offered for free. Now, an awake developer has changed the name of Playnite and released it on Steam. The developer wants $ 100 for this app.

With the development of the computer and video game industry, online gaming platforms have gained great importance. Dozens of platforms and gamers such as Steam, Epic Games and Indiegala, who continue to serve actively today, can freely play the games they purchase through these platforms.

It is an indisputable fact that the world’s most popular online gaming platform is Steam. Having its own forums, game library and communities, Steam has been the monopoly of the industry for a long time. However, Epic Games, which has become popular especially in recent years, has seriously challenged Steam. At the moment, we can say that Epic Games has too many users.

Epic Games is not as detailed as Steam for now. However, Epic Games also has its own library of games, and gamers use it to access the games they purchased through Epic Games. This means a second application for gamers. While some gamers cannot give up Steam because of the habit of years, some gamers don’t even want to take advantage of Epic Games’ free game campaigns.

Did you know that there is a game library that combines the games you buy from different platforms?
Now we will talk about an application that brings together all the games on your computer. This application named as “Playnite”; It acts as a library of all games installed on your computer. So whether the games you have are on Steam, Epic Games or Indiegala, you can keep them all together and log into your games directly with this application.

Playnite is an open source application that is offered free to gamers. Moreover, you do not pay anything to have this application. If you are a developer, you can take advantage of the MIT license owned by Playnite to develop and republish this application for yourself or support the development of the Playnite application.

Now, a vigilant developer has made minor changes using the open source structure of the Playnite app and made it available on Steam. “Wasn’t Playnite free?” Yes, it’s free. However, the MIT license paves the way for an application to be offered for sale by another developer. Moreover, the real developer of Playnite knew this when he got the MIT license.

The fact that a developer made an app that is already available for free on Steam is not overlooked by gamers. Gamers attacking Playnite’s original forum have learned that such an event is completely legal. The statements on the subject came from the developer of Playnite. However, Playnite’s developer stated that he was afraid that someone else might not be making money through this app, but that a different situation might be underlying this event.

According to Playnite’s real developer, the open source code of the application may cause Playnite to be re-released by integrating malware. The developer, who said he was worried about such a situation, explained that the application on Steam must be examined, but he will not make such an attempt. On top of this statement, some gamers have stated that they have reported this to Valve.

The name of the paid version of Playnite on Steam is “loong’s utilities Playnite”
It is not known who is the other developer who changed the name of Playnite, which is offered free of charge, and put it on Steam. However, we can clearly say that this vigilant developer is very enthusiastic for this application.


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