Developer exposes scam on the App Store

Kosta Eleftheriou, a software developer with products on the App Store, is reporting many online store apps that he said were “stealing millions of dollars from users”. Owner of the FlickType app, a QWERTY keyboard for the visually impaired, Eleftheriou discovered a scam that would be taking over his marketing materials.

The controversy started two weeks ago, when the developer started spreading several software that were essentially non-functional copies of his FlickType, the most striking of which was a so-called KeyWatch, which copies typing with gestures to wearable devices, a feature that Eleftheriou keyboard very popular.

When downloaded, this copy app takes the user to a screen, on which the “Unlock now” button opens the Apple purchase page to confirm a $ 8 weekly subscription for an app that just doesn’t work .

How does the scam on the App Store work?

As he deepened his investigations, Kosta Eleftheriou found that some apps use fake reviews to gain visibility in the store, to the detriment of developers with legitimate apps. When accessed, this software earns millions of dollars annually through deceptive subscriptions.

Although the App Store has taken steps to ban applications accused by Eleftheriou from the store, its complaints show that Apple has, as he stated in his tweet, a major problem to resolve. We will wait for the statement of the Apple on the subject.



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