Developed Instagram without ads: Is OG Instagram really safe?


Is an application called OG App, which promises its users to work on Instagram without ads, really safe? The app is currently available on the Play Store and App Store.
Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, is on its way to becoming the world’s largest “superapp” with constant updates. Of course, sometimes users don’t like these updates.

If you remember, the other day Instagram returned to the previous design, albeit a little, and replaced the notifications tab with the store tab. Many users who saw this also said that Instagram should go back to the past. A private company from the USA returned the old Instagram with an application called “OG App” after users heard this call. How secure the app is is a question mark.

The old Instagram is back, without ads

This app called OG App offers a version of Instagram for a mobile browser without ads and with some additional features. This app, created by Un1feed, founded in June, was originally intended to bring platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Snapchat under one roof. However, currently the app only supports Instagram.

The company, which received a $1 million investment from Iranian angel investor Ali Partovi, claims that it does not store any of your data and just wants to provide its users with a “better Instagram experience.” Representatives of the company also stated that they do not want to receive money from users called “Premium features” and want the application to remain free for a long time.

So what does the OG App offer users?

When you download the app for the first time, the app asks you to register in the OG App system using your Google account or phone number. Then you log in to the app using your Instagram username and password. Simply put, you can’t share photos and stories using this app, which is a mobile browser version of the Instagram app.

However, the OG App offers users a system in which there are no ads on Instagram, you can create your own message streams, as well as hide reels and view tabs according to your wishes. The most striking feature of this system is that (if you want) it does not show posts older than 24 hours in your feed. This way you don’t spend hours in the app constantly browsing old Instagram posts. In addition, the app does not have features such as publishing and uploading stories.

When we compare the OG App with applications like InstaAero and Instader, it becomes clear that the OG App is not a modified Instagram application, but is a client, such as “Boost for Reddit”, “Talon for Twitter”. However, when you log in, you literally hand over both your Google account and Instagram account to this company. Although the developer company has received investments from an angel investor, we do not know exactly how reliable the developer is.

The app is currently available for download on the Play Store and App Store. However, it is useful to think twice before installing the application on your device.


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