Devants First Look – New MCU Villains Look Leaked


The appearance of the villains of Marvel Studios’ Eternals is filtered through a Marvel Legends action figure from Hasbro along with its official description.

The leaks on the next Marvel Studios films continue with the first look at the appearance of the Deviants, the villains of Eternals, a film that is scheduled to premiere in late 2021 after its last delay. And this time it has been through a leaked product photo of a new series of Hasbro action figures belonging to the Marvel Legends collection, through which we can already see the cinematic appearance of the mythical Deviants from the comics Marvel, one of the antagonistic races of the Eternals.

Deviants are the new “global threat”

Thus, some photographs of both the front and back of a blister have been leaked inside which you can see the figure of Kro, the leader of the world of the Deviants, the rivals of the Eternals. And as can be seen, the design chosen for the film has few parallels with the classic designs of the comics, although it is especially threatening. In addition to the final image of the character, on the back we can read a short description of Kro and the Deviants themselves.

“Kro is a mighty Deviant like no other the Eternals have faced throughout the millennia; its appearance is the harbinger of a global threat ”, we can read on the back of the blister by way of description, in several languages. On the figure, we can see that it has interchangeable forearms, with the possibility of choosing between the hands or a kind of organic tentacles, something that we will most likely see in the film.

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According to the original story in the comics, the Deviants are an evolved race of humanity at the hands of the Celestials; Kro, leader of the Deviants, is the most powerful in his world and the one who has lived the longest, exceeding 20,000 years; His metamorphic body harbors powers such as super strength, self-regeneration, and great transformation capabilities.


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