Detran system failure exposes data on fined drivers


And, again, the data of Brazilian citizens are available for random use. This is because a security researcher discovered a serious flaw in the Detran system, where information about fined drivers can be exploited by anyone, even without knowledge of information technology.

The portal where the breach was found is responsible for administering the data of drivers in Santa Catarina. And, according to CleĆ³rbete Santos, it is enough to have Renavam numbers and license plate to obtain additional information, something that can be extremely dangerous.

Among the data exposed, there is a form that contains the full name and CPF of the owner, and identification of the location of the infraction, model and photo of the car, something that could even expose the car owner to a possible situation of use of the information for criminal practices.


The flaw was officially reported by Olhar Digital on Monday, and the information collected by the portal shows that the unprotected data is not just for this year, but since 2016, but it is not yet clear how many were affected by the leak, however , it is public knowledge that more than 10 million infractions were registered in this period.

According to the news portal, there were attempts to contact Detran / SC, but they did not get a return, showing that many Santa Catarina people who were fined still have the data exposed in the system.

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