It is Determined Which Model of Motorola will Introduce with a Smart Pen


It was understood that Motorola’s recently released S Pen-like pen-powered phone images do not belong to the Edge + model. The information contained in the pen’s US and Canada certificates reveals that this pen will actually belong to the Moto G8 Power.

Motorola did not achieve the desired success in the smartphone industry. The company has come across consumers with many new models over the years, but it has not been successful. Until the Motorola G series. Especially the last members of the G series managed to attract the attention of consumers, and Motorola, who is aware of this situation, started to give importance to the G series.

Motorola is currently working on new phone models. In this context, the company will soon introduce Moto G8 and G8 Power models to consumers. Also, Motorola is working on a different phone called “Edge +”. In fact, the first images that were said to belong to Edge + appeared recently.

The descriptions made with the image above revealed that Motorola Edge + would come with a S Pen-like pen. However, the emerging information denied the statements and allegations made in the past. Because the information contained in the certificates of Motorola’s item in Canada and the USA reveals that this pen will actually be used on a new Motorola G series phone.

According to the information in the certificates, Motorola’s new item is coded as “sofia +”. This model code actually explains everything because the upcoming Moto G8 Power has the “sofiar” model code. So this pen will most likely come with the Moto G8 Power. In fact, it seems that Motorola will meet consumers with two different Moto G8 Power and only one of them will come with a pencil.

The information revealed to date revealed that the Moto G8 Power will offer FHD + resolution on its 6.36-inch screen. It is also said that this phone will be powered by Snapdragon 665 processor, will support 4 GB of RAM and will come with 64 GB of storage. The camera hardware of the phone includes a quad camera setup with a 16 MP resolution main camera on the back and a 25 MP resolution selfie camera on the front.

Motorola will introduce its new phones as part of the Mobile World Congress in February. Following the introductions to be made, both the phone owned by this pen and the other phones of the company will be revealed.


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