Detecting the Coronavirus with a Fitness bracelet


After a 2020 in which the world was completely paralyzed, 2021 cannot be the same. And although vaccines are the decisive help to get back on track, we will have to continue to protect and take care of ourselves for a long time. Therefore, and aware of the havoc that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it in the United States, NASA has decided to use technology to fight against Covid-19.

Fitbit wristbands for astronauts

American company specialized in ‘wearable’ devices for sports activities such as smart watches and bracelets – in addition to belonging to Google -, Fitbit is one of the most popular companies in this market. And today it announced a collaboration agreement with none other than NASA, the US space agency, to establish the ‘Ready for Work’ pilot program consisting of “helping employees make more informed decisions about going to work in the place during the COVID-19 pandemic ”.

As part of the pilot program, 1,000 NASA employees performing essential work at six locations in the United States will receive Fitbit Charge 4 devices and access to Fitbit’s Ready for Work Daily Check-In experience. This includes 150 astronauts and NASA employees essential for future space missions who will use the Fitbit solution as part of NASA’s Health Stabilization Program, which aims to “mitigate the risk of infectious disease occurrence among crews of flight of the astronauts in the period immediately before the flight ”, in a clear relation to the Coronavirus.

Ready for Work Daily Check-In

The app’s Daily Check-In feature allows users to record their symptoms and temperature, track key health metrics, and receive a COVID-19 summary guide based on CDC guidelines. The goal of the Fitbit pilot program is to help NASA and its employees prevent the spread of COVID-19, while supporting the overall health and well-being of NASA employees. Employees will also have access to one year of Fitbit PremiumTM and personalized Fitbit health coaching services.

There is evidence that resting heart rate data and other key health indicators from wearable devices have the potential to identify flu-like illnesses, such as COVID-19, before symptoms appear. This is important because “people can transmit the virus before they realize they have symptoms or when they don’t.”


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