Details yet to be revealed about Brianna Fraser


On Outlander, it didn’t take long for Brianna to win over fans, or she showed just how strong and empowering she truly is. However, since the audience ignored a large part of your arc, do you still have any hidden details?

Could I change my study career?

Brianna was shown to have been studying history at Harvard and then came to a standstill in her academic pursuits before changing her mind and enrolling at MIT for an engineering course at Outlander.

But it became even more apparent that she was able to choose the theme for him when they discussed his future plans. However, her true passion at Outlander clearly lay in engineering.

Who taught you to shoot?

In Outlander’s Fraser’s Ridge, Brianna appears in her element firing rifles and jacking while Roger is taunted. This is because Bree was taught to handle firearms and shoot thanks to her adoptive father.

A father who was deeply attached to her and who had effectively prepared her for the kind of life she later launched into in the 18th century in Outlander.

Does it have a bad reputation?

Skelton also feels that Brianna gets bad press that she doesn’t deserve and isn’t exactly the most beloved character on the Starz show Outlander.

Bree is something of a female counterpart to Jamie, and the actress speculates that her role in Outlander doesn’t appeal to everyone because she’s a young girl and not a restless, graceful Highlander.

It’s true that the character generates some controversial opinions, but overall, Brianna Fraser is without a doubt one of the strongest characters on the Outlander show.

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